Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Years Resolution

New Years!

I got to thinking about my past New Years Resolutions because you all are posting yours for this year!

Some of you are posting warm wishes and kind thoughts.

Some are posting memories of family and snowflake nights of stars.

Some are posting incredibly funny commentaries on life with illustrious speeches.

I'll tell you about my New Years Resolutions of the past:

I was alone for 14 years until I met Dick when I was 44. I was married a couple of times in my youth and sure a few fellas came and went, but after the first two nasty, nasty husbands... I wasn't going to be tricked again and it was just easier to be by myself.

I got to liking myself and actually still prefer my own company to many others' and hence why I like this Blogging thing...

And so during those years of solitude I would make the same resolution every year.

It was this:

Get up every day.

You think it's easy? Think about it for a minute?

I almost didn't one day, but I got up at 4:30pm on a Sunday and took my sorry ass off to bed at 6:30pm, but I still got out of bed that day.

May everyone be able to get out of bed every day of this year 2010. No Space Odyssey here, just my wish for everyone to have some sort of normalcy in your days, that's all and to not have any reason what so ever to wallow in the sheets in misery!

Happy New Year!

PS... Wallowing in the sheets with someone else or a good book is accepted!


  1. Need a good book to wallow with. Am currently reading a "chicken soup"-type book, but it's not really riveting.

  2. You need to send that midlife love fairy out everyone else's way...some of us are going on 15 years alone-but as you said, quite content in my own company...have a wonderful New Year filled with lots of the proper sort of wallowing =o)

  3. I hear you, Lucy. Meeting the right guy after years of horrid experiences is heavenly. We met at 50, and although the fires of romance have dimmed, the fires of hearth and home -- and companionship -- have continued to grow over the years. And I promise to get out of bed every day this year!

  4. Good advice, get out of bed every day...wish that I done that back in my late 20's...I could sleep around the clock I was so depressed. Thank God, those days have long passed. I was always taught that you can't love anyone until you love yourself...I have kissed a number of toads until I found my best friend more than 20 years ago.

  5. The bathroom's clear on the other side of the house, so getting out of bed every day seems fairly easy for me. It's my choice - the room I use as my bedroom has a wonderful view of a wooded ravine and it's like sleeping in a tree house. Getting to the bathroom takes me past the coffee maker, which I can't resist. By the time I get out of the bathroom, the dog wants out. By the time I tend to the dog, the cat has finally surfaced and he’s DESPERATE to go out. By then the coffee's ready and the dog wants back in and she's hungry and I'm hungry and by then I'm wide awake and going back to bed seems like a lot of trouble. The sheets are already cold anyway - nothing welcoming about that.

    In truth, my depression destination is the ratty old Lazy-boy chair where I can get really comfortable in front of the TV. It’s much closer to the bathroom, which is a good thing because of the coffee. Of course, by the time I’m comfy-cozy in the blanket and the heating pad is just right, the dog is convinced it’s time for one of our twice-daily patrols of the neighbourhood, or the cat’s turned up again and is DESPERATE to come back in for a mouthful of food before he’s DESPERATE to go back out again. You know how cats are.

    Don’t get me wrong. Depression is something that’s peering over my shoulder every single day of my life, as it did for my Mom and does for my sister and daughter. Medication of any sort is not an option. I have the kind of body that will seek out the most obscure but damaging side effect and magnify it 29 times, so it’s “au natural” for me. In most cases, that natural medication comes in the form of delight. I’ve managed to teach myself to find and draw strength from even the smallest things around me. Whether it’s the sassy, defiant, sunshine-face of a dandelion struggling up through a crack in the pavement or being pinned to the floor by an armful of huggy, kissy granddaughters, delight is all around me. I just have to look outward and pay it heed. It takes practice and determination but even if it works for a split –second I’m ahead of the game.

    And now I’m trying to convince myself it’s also to be found in this dog in front of me, with the pleading brown eyes and waggiest tail on the planet, telling me to post the damn thing Mom – the neighbourhood awaits.


I can only be better from your comments...thanks!