Saturday, December 19, 2009

The faces of the market. Call it a hobby!

I love to go anywhere and watch people! There is nothing more fascinating than a human being in the process of just living and today, at the market, I had the best time with my friend! I took tons of pictures and will post them today and tomorrow so you to tag along!

This fellow was intent on pedaling a peeler, seed scraper tool. He would peel a fine sliver of cheese, offer it to whomever was standing next to him and if they refused, (which was every single time I saw him offer,) he popped the morsel in his mouth. From the contented look of him, he works a lot!

This couple is a fixture at the market and make and sell jewelery and other oriental pieces.

This young man was touting the freshness of his piglets and rabbits and they must be.. he was busy!

Concentrating on slicing a wheel of cheese. Drat! I can't remember what kind! Sorry!

One of my favorites! I call him Baconator!

I have tons more and will post more tomorrow! I love the market! Yaay!


  1. That was very interesting. The baconator, pretty good.

  2. Great photos! The guy peddling the peeler was just making sure his product was always fresh. :-D

  3. This is a very interesting market. I wish they had one like it around here, Lucy. Thanks for letting me tag along on your visit there! I look forward to more.

  4. Hi Carol! This is the market way out Dundas East... past Airport Road? You should go if you haven't been yet!

  5. Looks great. I hoped to get up to the Italian market in the Bronx, but haven't made it yet. Not going probably saved me five pounds.

  6. I have never had pea meal bacon, but have been told there is none better. I hope to have the opportunity to try it one day.


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