Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Simple Christmas

Rushing here and there. Flying from store to store, arms laden with bags and boxes. Flinging the door of your home open to slap your purchases on a table... Oh! they needed wrapping... Did I buy bows?

A list! I need a grocery list! Does sister's new honey have any allergies? Snap! I forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer! Dick! Can you get the turkey... Oh! you did it already? Thanks!

... And off you tear, cleaning, wrapping, cooking. You fall into bed a lump of worn out mush and the only thing jangling is your nerves.

This has been the story of my Christmases past and the day would sprint by and I would hate it and be exhausted by it.

We decided we needed to change. 

You see, life keeps getting in the way of happiness for us! We want something simpler for our days where there isn't a monster hiding around every corner intent on destroying said happiness and so we don't follow the conventions as much as we used to.

A simple Christmas becomes something you have time to enjoy rather than a chore. Fewer items on the dinner table means you have time to sit and visit with your family instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours. Fewer selections on your plate means each one can be the most savory morsel you could have in your mouth or one that has a dear memory attached to it. Fewer gifts means that each box can be lovingly adorned instead of so many that you just wrap and slap a sticky bow on top. Staying at home means that you can sit and cuddle your honey or babies and they will remember that instead of hours in the car whining 'Are we there yet?"

If it's only a phone call from the Desert you get, you will hang onto those words and relish them instead of those same words being smothered in a room full of noise that you don't remember the next day.

Do not think today that because you couldn't afford all the expensive gifts you've given in the past that you have suffered today. Each item you have given this year has been thought through and carefully picked, because if you can only afford one, you've had the opportunity to make it special.

Do not feel that you are missing out! Choose the moments and smiles to store in your memory, knowing that your family is also storing those same memories.

Do not see the things that aren't there this year because of lack of funds. The things that are still there are what's important. Your loved ones. Plain and simple.

Do not hear the complaints of the past years: I'm so tired. I'm so broke! You will hear actual conversations and 'you made this? How awesome!" ...instead.

Do not touch each thing in your day with regret and should haves. By cutting out all the extras you normally provide, you have showered them with love and thoughtfulness.

I know this has been a difficult year. Our savings and investments have suffered. Jobs are being lost and hours cut. We have not had the disposable income we used to have. We are allowed to feel that we have suffered because we truly have.

We do still have each other and love is still free and it's always the simple things that fill in the gaps and please remember!

Merry Christmas!  Suzie says so!


  1. Merry Christmas to you,too, Lucy. Love the cat photo!!

  2. What a lovely post, Lucy. You are right: yes we have much less this year (and for me no trip to visit my relatives), but I do have my dear husband here with me, and the friends I've made here in Bellingham in less than two years, and my dear friends in blogland, and you are one of them. You add Canadian spice to the mix, and it's tasty, let me tell you! Have a great Christmas!!!


I can only be better from your comments...thanks!