Friday, December 25, 2009

A gift for my sister.

If you been reading my Blogs, you know my mom died two and a half years ago. She was an enormous influence in our lives and one of our best friends. You could just tell her anything! 

This is actually a photo my sister took.

We didn't have much time to clean out moms house... that's a story I won't go into right now...  and my sister didn't want any of her personal things. I know it just hurt too much for her.

So, I've had some things here and I just thought....

these things were my mom's

Her favorite lipstick. In her younger days, she always wore red, but after 70, she wore this pink.

Her change purse. I can still feel her when I hold it.

She had to have wider fingers on her gloves because of arthritis. My sister also shares that.

the card I wrote

All wrapped and under the tree!

Do you think she'll like it?


  1. Merry Christmas, Lucy! I think your sister will be happy that you had the foresight to keep a few of your mother's special things for her until the time was right.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, dear Lucy. She will love it. I sure would...

  3. Not sure how I got here Lucy, but I love your gift of life.
    Did your sister love your gift? I know in your heart it was time to give them to her. I could see the tears and the smiles and the hugs.
    My mom will be 91 in Feb. She still maintains her 2 bedroom apt. She takes no medications, but I know see signs of "old age".
    Your mother sounds to me like she was a very positive figure in your life.
    Ok enough, or I will cry.
    Yes, kitty is right... keep it simple.
    Merry Christmas
    Love Clauudie

  4. What a sweet gift. My mom died almost 20 years ago and I still wear a pair of her socks. They're white with a pink heart on each sock. A little goofy, but I get a good feeling when I put them on. The picture of your mother is beautiful.


I can only be better from your comments...thanks!