Sunday, December 27, 2009

Take today as a holiday.

The house is quiet. Not very many lights turned on. You've just had a snack of leftovers. Didn't matter what it was, you've eaten so much in the last few days, just something to tide you over until the big leftover reheat for supper.

You should clean up the wrappings, you know, put the bags in the recycle, scrunch them up good so that you only have to use one of your last remaining garbage tags. (Thank heavens the year is almost over and you have a whole new stack of 2010 garbage tags!)

You should get the vacuum out and clean up the dog hair your sister's daughter's new boyfriend's dog shed while invited over for dinner.

You should put in the storage cupboard the big turkey roasting pan. The top shelf is where the gravy boat and meat platter go. You should go drag the step stool out and put those up there. Yep...

You should start sorting the cards you received and update the list for 2010. Unh Huh..

You should.... Oh Heck!

Go sit on your Lazy Boy and swing the foot rest up!

Go find the remote! There's a good movie on the W Channel!

Go get some of those cookies or candies out that the vultures didn't find and eat!

Go, close your weary eyes and nap through the day...

We are old! Who cares what we do! It's not like if anyone stops over, they'll hold it against us!

They'll simply explain it away...

Oh! They're too old to deal with the holidays!

Oh! They're too old to see the dog hair!

Oh! They're beyond watching what they eat!

.....Well rest assured... tomorrow is coming still for us... tomorrow, worry about all those things.

.... today, take a holiday for yourself!

If it's one thing age will teach you: All those chores will still be there tomorrow, none the worse for wear at all from you having put them off for a day.

But tomorrow you might feel like doing them!


  1. Oh dear, wish I'd read this earlier...i had so much guilt from doing absolutely nothing yesterday that I threw myself out of bed, did the dishes, made breakfast, washed my hair and did all happened before 1 pm this aft...I should start taking the tree down, but ...well...maybe tomorrow!

  2. I never have guilt from doing nothing, as in housework, but I do when I over-eat!

  3. I loved this! I'm taking the whole weekend as a holiday! lol

  4. Isn't that what the holidays are for?!? REST AND RELAXATION!!!

  5. I love that I can't knit unless you're sitting comfortably in my favorite chair. I think I'll take your advice!


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