Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Old Household Hint: Tinfoil and Mice!

I have a little secret that only a few farm people my way know about.

Plagued by mice in your house because you have holes and cracks they can crawl through? Do they come in around the sink pipes? 

And traps and poison just won't do?

Stop them getting in! 

Did you know that they don't like plain old tin foil?


Come Spring, just pull it all out, tuck it away so you have it again for next winter!


  1. I suspect I'd first need to know where they are coming in from, next time.

    Thanx for the hint.

  2. If I had mice I would use this tip. I'll remember it for the next place I live that needs it. I like your pictures, BTW, especially that first one.

  3. My friend Meredith has been waging an ongoing war with mice in her rented trailer home so I'm going to mention this tip to her. Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy New Year! My husband's mother is from Canada and we are thinking of doing a trip there in 2010--I haven't been since I was about 12 and we went to Victoria BC! Beautiful!!! Oh, and I've been retired for the last 3 years and love it on a daily basis.


I can only be better from your comments...thanks!