Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vacation Choices: Pick a Battleground?

There is a 'new wave' to vacations as our generation ages and discovers the importance of our history. Many Canadians and I am sure people worldwide, are planning their vacations to destinations that were battlegrounds and cemeteries of the great wars. Family members, friends and strangers alike are meeting on the locations and role playing the movements made famous by various history books. Charging a hill or walking and exploring the remaining trenches and barracks. I imagine it certainly shows the war in new light and makes it all real! (Sometimes when you read a story or see something on TV, it doesn't seem real... you know?)

I learned through my CAA magazine, (Canadian version of AAA,) that this past fall, a company here sold a tour designed around just this theme. Globus Journeys of Toronto, Ontario, put together a whole planned itinerary of spots in Europe. From Paris to London the tour included visits to the many museums, memorials and special sites that commemorate Canada’s contribution in the Great War including
Canada’s most impressive tribute, the majestic and inspiring Canadian National Vimy Memorial which overlooks the Douai Plain from Hill 145, the highest point of Vimy Ridge.

The tour this year was from September 15 - 26, 2009 and I am sure it was a huge success.

Personally, I feel a need to post about lives lost and the battles and memorials, but I think I would just spend my whole time on such a trip crying.

This past summer, Dick and I went to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford and they had tons of vintage artifacts on display. They had also re created a sandbag trench and I could not walk into it! The other thing that creeped me out was a glass display case of gas masks and like equipment. I turned and laid eyes on a mannequin wearing a gas mask and WWI helmet and immediately broke into tears!

I strongly recommend a day trip here or put it on your list of "something to do if I ever go to Ontario, Canada!"

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  1. Well---I just don't think I want to spend vacation time in tears. I need something more upbeat!

  2. Some day I will do that tour... maybe. I think I'm like you; these things hit me and I am a lump of jello, and it can't be predicted. Thanks for these links, Lucy; you're accumulated much deserved followers, I see!

  3. It would be a nice tour in the summer...
    The Christmas ornaments are red/silver.

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  5. Thanks for your kind visits to my blog -- it's always great to hear from you! This tour looks like it would be one that would make you feel so grateful for all those who serve for freedom and liberty!


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