Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Travelling with physical disabilities.

I'm so glad our countries have made travel available to folks with disabilities, seeing as us retired folks are quite often the ones with the time and money to travel! 

Maybe this information will give you some tools to get back out and wander the world... or at least the next province or state! 

Take Charge of Your Travel is a guide for persons with disabilities.

The website for Canada is: www.cta.gc.ca 

The website for American's is:


Click on the menu and you will find several subcatagories including all the regulations for travel by in North America and internationally. Also covers air, rail, ferries and buses and I found the section with frequently asked questions particularly informative.
If you are in an airport and see someone struggling... give a helping hand. If you see someone pumping up to a door in a wheelchair... take two seconds and hold the darn door. Smile and say hello and chat if you can because... someday it might be you!


  1. Thanks for keeping us in the know, Lucy. Keep up the good work! Heading over to your Other Blog to see what you've got to say.

  2. I don't like to fly anymore because my husband has severe arthritis in his knees and can't stand in line for long periods, plus there's not enough space between the seats for him to set comfortably. I wish we could afford to fly 1st class, but we can't.


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