Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gas prices today.

I had to go buy diesel today and there was a lineup! 

Probably because it's just before a holiday and everyone expects the price to jump!

The good news is, gasoline was 87.9 cents a Litre! 
Diesel however, was 88.9 cents a liter, but I have to keep the old girl's tank quite full when it's this cold, or she won't fire.
(Due to ice crystals in the fuel!)

I waited about ten minutes to even get to the pump, of course because I can only use one pump and it also dispenses gasoline.
(Nice Escalade in front of me! Me want one!)

87.9 cents a Canadian Litre and you say hunh?
Here is the conversion to US:

There are 3.87 Canadian litres in a US Gallon
That means it costs $3.32 Cdn for a US gallon

Equals (at today's currency exchange rate) is

(drum rolllll)

$3.18 US.for a US gallon at our prices!

OK! Now how much did you pay today?



  1. saw that price at first and thought where are YOU buying gas... yet after the conversion realize I have a better deal.. Its $2.57 a gallon here in Oklahoma

  2. here in Virginia we paid $2.43 a gal today

  3. Ouch! Though, as soon as I complain about gas prices in the USA someone in the UK will remind me how expensive it is over there! Currently the average price for regular petrol is 108p a litre, or $1.81 Canadian!

    It's a wonder anyone can even afford to drive a car over there!!!

  4. Perhaps we will meet at the pumps one day. I too use the refuel by Walmart.

  5. Gas here in Maine? $2.61 per gallon.

  6. In Bellingham? Around $2.89 or so. It's always more expensive here than in surrounding areas. I can't help but remember what it was like at $4.50, though! I mostly ride the bus or carpool when going into the mountains, so I don't fill up but once or twice a month.

  7. Hey! Here in Vancouver, it's bouncing between $1.04 and $1.09, Canadian.


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