Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Gift: A lesson In Giving

My sweet man blew me away this year and I had to share it with you!

He has witnessed me working away at my blog. Coming home after working a full day, cooking and sitting here at this table in the kitchen so I'm not too far from him... working on these Blogs.

He has listened to me moan and drip about my camera. (It was my mom's and I inherited it when she died.) 

He asked if I needed one and I exclaimed 'No'! Because I didn't see spending the money when it's just my little Blog... I know you understand...

Then, after everyone had left Christmas night and we had sort of tidied up.. Dick did the dishes as I sat in my Lazy Boy, my whole being just humming from exhaustion...

He goes downstairs and comes back up and plops this package on my lap! Here's what it was!

You see, I had been shopping with a friend and brought home the Black's flyer with all their cameras shown. I had narrowed it down to a Canon and this Nikon, but I liked and circled the Nikon because it has more features. I circled it in pink high lighter so that when the time came, if ever my old Canon broke, I could just pick up the flyer, go to the store and buy one.

He blew my away! It was the exact one I had picked!

He went into a Mall to buy it!

He didn't buy one that he or the store clerk thought was better.

He didn't buy one that was cheaper or more expensive.

He just bought the one I wanted.

Do you all know how important that was to me?

No wonder I love the man more every day!

Old photo with my Canon

New photo with Nikon


The closeup's are awesome and I haven't even finished the demo and manual yet!


  1. I am so happy for you. That is a nice camera. I thought about that one too, but got a Kodak which is so much better than my old one. You will enjoy blogging so much more. Looking forward to some winning photos. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  2. its beautiful.... dont you just love it when they surprise us so..... Merry christmas to you... :-)

  3. Wow! The fella' earned a few points with that one, I'll bet!

  4. What a lovely way to say he cares...and so sensitive, to get just what you wanted..I'm very moved by this-lucky you!

  5. Yep, he's a keeper, Lucy. I got myself a new camera, I had one almost exactly like your first one. I was pretty happy with the PowerShot, so I went with another one, with a 10x optical zoom for the birdies. I've been very happy with my new one too. My hubby is great in many ways, but buying presents for me is not one of them!

  6. I got a camera, too. My PowerShot is beginning to have issues with the shutter opening and I got a teeny Kodak. So far, the pictures look good and I haven't done much with it yet. It's got 6 more pixels than I had a much better zoom and weighs about four ounces. Your new picture looks great. What a fabulous gift and a fabulous guy.


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