Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lake Erie Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009

About 4 pm today, I drove down to look at the Lake like I so often do. The storms had started in across and the wind was howling. I certainly wasn't going to get out of my truck and so snapped these through the open window. There is so much spray, you can barely make out the lighthouse!

Then I drove up on the hill and took some more...
And then down again so you could see just how tall the waves get on our lake. No wonder so many ships have gone down in her! OOOOH! She's mad today!


  1. Oh looks like Kentucky. Beautiful photos. Friday Shoot My Town theme is weather.

  2. GREAT photos, Lucy! Very exciting weather, isn't it? Thanks for the comments on my blog! You are a valuable part of my blogosphere.


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