Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We 've had a mild November: My geranium.

I've been feeling left out! Several of you are posting pictures of your geraniums and well, I needed to as well. You know, follow along and bond sort of?

So Outside I went tonight, trusty Canon in hand and snapped some pictures of my one and only geranium left outside. We had one in a pot this year, a gift from my niece on Mother's Day and it has given us much pleasure all summer with it's prolific blooms. It has been outside all summer. We really haven't had a hard frost yet here.

It is an Ivy Geranium, bought at good old Canadale's Nursery in St Thomas. Every Mommas day my sweetheart of a niece buys me and her other mom's a beautiful outdoor plant. She is like a daughter to us and in fact Dick proudly gave her away at her wedding a few years ago. She would be so happy it has lasted so long. I will have to send her a copy of this photo.

Yes, we are in southwestern Ontario, Canada, but if you look at a map, we are only 65 miles north of Cleveland, Ohio, across Lake Erie. We have had a wonderfully mild fall mind, last November this day, we had several inches of snow on the ground!

Enjoy my photos as poor as they are and hope my American friends are all having fun getting ready for their Thanksgiving. Stay well, Lucy!


  1. What a sweet niece! I enjoy most all Geranium and love the way the ivy ones cascade down our pots. Your pink ones are pretty and I am wishing our fall was still as mild as yours!
    Ours weren't brought in this year before it snowed and I still see red and pick poking their heads out of the snow.
    With your day of Thanksgiving past, you can sit back, rest, and think of us all rushing about!
    Thanks for being a new friend in this world of blogging!

  2. My geranium is like yours. The leaves are going brown but the fiesty little blooms are still hanging on. Kind of like this old lady. Brown around the edges but still hanging on. Blessing
    to your family and thanks for the good wishes.

  3. I'm in Virginia and I still have a few geraniums in my yard -- afraid their days are numbered though. Thanks for your kid visit to my tablescape this week -- it's always nice to have a visit from you.


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