Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ontario Government Information

I know, most of my current followers are from the United States, but I wanted to add some Ontario specific information on my Blog. It is after all supposed to be informative and so with information, you will be informed! (No wonder folks never take me seriously!)
I would think that your own government would have like web services available for you.

This is taken from a book I picked up at our Libro (The old St Willibroard Credit Union...previously known as the Care Credit union...)

Online: The Government of Ontario, the Federal Government and most Municipalities provide a wide range of information and services via the worldwide web.
-Online Service.
This web site enables you to complete some routine tasks online like:
...request a birth certificate.
...renew a driver's licence
...register a change of name.
...renew an outdoors card and much more....? (Outdoors card is hunting and fishing in Canadian.)

What my government calls Life Event Bundles and here's what that says:
Significant changes come into everyone's life such as birth, marriage, retirement, (here we go!) and even losing one's wallet. We call these life events. The Ontario Government is using Life Events as a new way to organize information and services to bring everything on a subject together in one place.
If you are dealing with a certain life event, the Online Services gateway operated by the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services can provide one-window access to information from many different departments and jurisdictions to help you deal with that life event.
Current life event services bundled online include:
...Getting ready to retire.
...Leisure and Active Living For Older Adults.
...Getting Married (Something some of us are still doing..)
...Losing Your Wallet.
...How to Deal with Spouse Abuse.
...Managing your debt
...Vacation Ontario
...What to do when someone dies. )this will certainly be helpful.)

For more information visit the "Life Events" section at the Government of Ontario Web site:
Or visit a government Information centre nearest you. For a directory call Citizen's Inquiry Bureau at 1-800-267-8097.


  1. I am always glad when an other country than my own posts information that I don't know. I have purposely sought out other countries and religious traditions to blog with. That would be a great bundle to have at your hand. Thanks for your visits. Blessings

  2. Yes, Lucy, I also appreciate your visits to my blog. I would be a Canadian if they would have me, but they won't because they are afraid they would have to take care of me in my old age... you are very lucky to live there!

  3. Thanks for posting DJan. I don't know how they're going to afford to look after all of us as it is!


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