Sunday, November 22, 2009

Address changes for Ontario, Canada Residents

You've been in the same house your whole adult life and now you move to your retirement home or apartment and you've got all those documents to change. What do you do? Where do you turn? Maybe I can put some helpful links in here.

Driver's License, Outdoor Cards, Health Cards.

There's an internet web site that you can go to and only enter the information once for an address change and all three Ministries will be notified. How simple can that be?

To access this on-line service see:
...and you can choose all or one of these too change.

Kiosks - Service Ontario.
There are 70 Service Ontario kiosks located throughout the province of Ontario to access a number of government of Ontario services including:renewing license plate stickers, ordering personalized license plates, purchasing driver and vehicle abstracts, paying Ontario provincial court fines, changing your address on your Ontario Health Card or Driver''s License and finally renewing your Outdoor cards.
You'll need your credit card or debit card to take advantage of these easy to use (they call them) machines.
They are open seven days a week at most locations with extended service hours. Located in /major shopping centres.
You can call:1-800-268-4646
web site:

Go have a look and see what's up!


  1. Interesting, but...what is an Outdoor card?

  2. Okay, you continue to make me jealous that I am not a Canadian! Interesting, and I also look forward to finding out what an Outdoor card is! I think I want one.


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