Sunday, November 29, 2009

My new Blog: My Secrets for Happiness!

I’ve made a decision. No, not whether to honour No Shave November. Not whether to wear blue or black today, but something a little more fun and noteworthy. Here it is:

I decided I’m just not having enough fun with Almost Retired Handbook and so I am launching a new Blog entitled: My Secrets For Happiness.

I want to pass along recipes and how to’s and folk lore and things we’ve done and places we’ve seen and this Blog here just doesn’t seem to be the place to do that, so, hence the new Blog! I started this whole Blog thing after seeing the movie
Julia and Julia, so it seems fitting, doesn’t it? (If you’ve not seen that movie, oh my goodness, do so!)

Almost Retired will continue with relevant information and news events and how to and wherefor’s... but a little more targeted to that audience, specifically, for people of a certain age and position in life.

Maybe I won’t post on it everyday, but I will post regularly. Maybe it won’t be as pretty or fluffy.... that will be the job of the new kid: My Secrets for Happiness! But it will still have jokes and photos and graphics and oh yes, my opinions and I hope will still be worth reading once in awhile.
Silver and Hollowware Replacements will continue existence simply because I need to think I’m still a Gypsy and am trading in something. I still offer items on Ebay under Lucy74Port and oh! We also both have full time jobs! Think what I can do once I retire!

I hope my followers will also enjoy my new Blog as much I as I will love writing it and any comments or suggestions you don’t want posted are always welcome to



  1. Well, gee, Lucy! One more blog for me to read, and I was hoping that you would put all that stuff here anyway. I'll be using this one as my central jumping off place, since I am already following, let's see: 38 (I had to go onto my profile and count them; I only put a few on my front page because otherwise the page is too long). So here I go, over to the Other Blog...

  2. You must have a typo in your new blog from this page, because it doesn't go anywhere. I'll try it in a few hours.

  3. I couldn't get over there either. I have 4 blogs and I can get there from my profile page. I am not much help on this puttering.


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