Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An article about retirement I read this morning

There's a really interesting article on my Yahoo homepage this morning. The lead in line is:

Why retirement is bad for you. by Steven Berglas,

It is all about what happens when we spend every day in a vacuum of nothingness and it actually now has a serious sounding name.

This is taken directly from the article and I urge all to go to the Yahoo Finance page and read the whole thing.

"I call this idleness-borne syndrome Supernova Burnout. Unlike other forms of fatigue, this brand of burnout is very private and self-condemnatory. Those who suffer from it experience chronic trepidation, despondency or depression. In some cases they turn to alcohol, abandon their loved ones or fall prey to some other form of self destruction."

Wow! Doesn't that sound serious? My dear mom said many times that if you sit down, you get old quick. (She was driving her own Buick and led a vibrant life until 3 months before she died at 85.)
So start getting hobbies and interests lined up and figure out what you'll do when you do retire 'cause you didn't work all these years to have this happen, did you?


  1. Hi There, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back anytime. I am enjoying yours.

    My hubby and I ARE retired. I retired at age 63 and George at 66. We are 67 now--and can tell you that retirement for us is the BEST times of our lives. We stay busier than ever---but are now busy doing things that WE want to do and not that we have to do.

    My Daddy 'had' to retire at age 75. He didn't have any hobbies --and didn't know what to do with himself after all of those years of working. He died at age 79. Sad, huh?????

    IF anyone wants to know how retirement is done right, just ask us!!!!


  2. Hi Betsy. Thanks! My Daddy didn't get to retire. He died too young, (64) and so I learned the lesson early.
    I've actually retired a couple of times, but I keep going back to work. I told Dick if he was still working, so would I, but I miss all the stuff I can do when I'm not going to work every day.
    I'm glad you're having so much fun... stay at it!


I can only be better from your comments...thanks!