Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tall toilet for my retirement home.

You likely noticed the wish for a tall toilet in my 'retired' house and you shook your head and went huh? What ta heck is a tall toilet?

Well, my next house will have one and here is what is is:

They make toilets that are higher than the regular ones that we all have in our regular houses. Just a couple of inches taller mind.... but once your knees start to give out and the old artheritus kicks in, you want to give those grab bars you had installed when you hit sixty all the help you can!

I have a little exercise for you tonight and you'll 'get' what I'm talkin' about here!
Step number 1: Go in your bathroom and sit on yer toilet. Once down, (and yes, I mean allll the way down...) get up. Take note of how difficult it actually is to stand once you've plunked yer butt down? Did your knees groan and your calf muscles scream? Didn't it feel like you had sat so far down your butt was lower than your ankles?
Step number 2: Now! Go out to the kitchen and plunk down on a chair. There! Now stand. Was it as difficult? Didn't you feel much more civilized? (Of course you did! You weren't sitting on a toilet!) Anyway... it was easier to get up from, right?
Step number 3: A man would say: 'get your Lowe's tape measure and measure the utilized chair and then compare to the measurement of the toilet...' But I say hell! Drag the said chair into the bathroom and eyeball the two! See? They make chairs taller!

So! When we renovate the new house, I'm going to install a tall toilet in our bathroom. And I won't strain a vertebrae hawling my sorry old arse up from my throne!


  1. This is exactly what my mom needs, especially after her back surgery! She really liked the one at my mother in-laws house but somehow I doubt she and dad will ever have theirs changed out. They hate to spend a dime if they don't have too, even if it's for things that would help make life easier as they age.

    Enjoy your tall toilet (when you finally get it)! You earned it!

  2. I noticed you stared to follow me. Can I say I LOVE my tall toliets!!! I so understand and I am still surprised when a small - short one is presented as my only option, when we are away from home:)!

  3. Hi Lucy! I see you have started to follow my blog. I will go back and read some of yours and follow you, too! Did you just get started on here? We both follow Joan on The Retirement Chronicles...

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that one of the toilets in the gym where I work out has a tall toilet (which any toilet can be made into with a sort of a donut shaped thing that goes under the seat, and the other doesn't. I almost fell in when I had to use the shorter one once...

  5. Oh, what a good idea...I hadn't thought about it until reading this post!


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