Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I think of open houses.

A Realtor calls you up and tells you he's having an open house and you're like, WOW! Are they ever doing a bang up job!

But wait! How many places in your neighborhood sold this year by having an open house? Have you asked her that? Did she shuffle her little feet and look over at the corner rather than you in the eye?

So you spend three days scouring the cottage so that they can have their open house. You take those days off work, or make an extra, unplanned trip up and slug and mop. You pack up all the personal things that made this house a home. You buy some perky bedding plants for the gardens and also those extra expensive hanging plants that you never buy because they just dry out when you're not in residence. The place looks like there was never a grandchild or a dog there.

Your Realtor comes in and sets up shop for a couple of hours and wow! All the neighbors come over to see if your place is better than yours. (You never asked them over anyway, so they had to....) A couple of stragglers who were out garage sailing stop in ... they saw the signs on the road.... Mary and Bill stopped by after church: They saw the strange car and wondered if you were there...

It's my opinion that mostly, Real Estate agents have open houses to gain fame and new clients, not to actually sell your house! They get new people to sign the old dual agency papers and whisk them off on a property viewing tour and that's not necessarily to your house either!
Or they use your house as a sort of reference to get your neighbors to list with them. After all, what's a better endorsement than being good enough for you?

Open houses? Make up your own minds about those. I'm nosey and I like going to see how the other half lives, so I guess I want you all to still agree to them, but me.. I'm not having one, likely ever.

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