Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Price, Price, Price!

The guy up the lane sold his cottage for a bazillion bucks and you sure should too, but are you comparing apples to apples? Here are some things to consider:
Do you have as much land as he?
Is your cottage the same square footage as his?
Is your place as spick and span as hers?
Do you need renovations and they don't?
Is theirs waterfront and yours not?
Does he mow his lawn faithfully like you?
Who has better landscaping?
Do you have a boat dock and she doesn't?
Is there a right of way on your lot?
Are you in the same municipality or town?
Do you pay the same property taxes?
Does your furniture look as swell as theirs?
Do your neighbors need appliances and yours are stainless?

This is just a short list of considerations when pricing your property and should be thought on long and hard. Make a list. Check it twice and see who's naughty or nice!

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