Sunday, October 18, 2009

The price of your cottage?

Somebody gives you an offer? Is it Yahoo or Boohoo?

I suppose I would consider what I wanted to do after I sold the cottage.
-Do I want to travel the world on the proceeds?
-Do I want to quit my job?
-Do I want to have a nest egg?
-Do I want to make sure my kids are taken care of?
-Do I want to buy another, bigger or smaller or better one?

What do you want to do with the money?

Is the offer a fair one or have they offered many thousands of dollars less than you were asking? If it's many thousands less, is it because you were unreasonable or they are? Is your house priced more than anybody Else's? Feel out your realtor. You have a right to ask questions about the buyer, like: 'Do they think we're crazy?' or... 'Are they trying to take advantage of us?' You have every right to tell your realtor to go back to get a higher offer.

I remember one time, Dick and I were selling a place and the realtor came to us with a ridiculously low offer. I took one look at it and fired it back across her desk, stood up and said: 'We're done here!' She was all; 'What's the matter?' surprised, but you just knew she was in cahoots with the buyer and they just wanted a deal so they could flip it!

If it's important for any reason to get what you want for the place, stick to your guns. What the heck! You've loved coming here every summer for years, so a few more can't hurt... or can it?

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