Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

I just thought I'd grab a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! To all my American readers, yours' is yet to come... but ours is today.

The turkey has been brined and wrapped in bacon and is on our barbecue at 250 degrees F, (grill in American...) The pumpkin pies are waiting for our guests and all the side dishes and potatoes are prepped and ready to go.

Dick has gone to pick up some of the kids, (who don't have a car) and the other kids have called to let us know they'll be late. (Go figure!) My sister will likely arrive soon armed with whipping cream and Lord knows what all else! I think my nephew made a dessert too. Awesome! My sister in law has been invited and I'm hoping she makes the hour and a half drive.

Pretty soon my normally peaceful home will reverberate with the sound of familiar laughter and bulge with love. They will all ooh and yum over the food and we will all eat too much.

We all love each other. Through thick and thin we have continued to love each other... no holds barred... no exceptions. That's just the way my family is.

To one and all: Happy Thanksgiving! Hug your loved ones and yes, do eat too much. We live in a land of plenty and privilege and don't ever forget it. Today is the day we celebrate that.

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