Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you freshened up your cottage?

Back to selling your vacation property. Have you listed it in it's 'as is' condition? Why? If you were going out on a date to find a new husband or wife, would you not take a bath or put on newer clothes? Would you get a haircut and brush your teeth?
You want to put your best foot forward in any case!

We tried to sell this place without doing the reno and yep! Nobody wanted it. (Since we did the reno though, the market plunged!)

We will clean her up spick and span. Dab in all the paint chips and plant fresh flowers this spring before we hang the sign out again. I'm hoping the market is again on an upswing.

Dick and I are lucky. We have a community whereby you can live here at this lake and still get decent employment. ...And by the way, we have owned the next house for several years, so we have a place to move to already.

Here's the next question: When you get an offer, what do you do?

I'll jaw on that tomorrow!

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