Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts.

It's hard to enjoy a holiday knowing that a friend is in distress.
We had a wonderful dinner with our family that was bountiful and delicious. Many zip lock baggies went home with all the leftovers. Nobody would have to cook for the next couple of days. We live a wonderful life.

Our friend is in mourning for his wife, his life partner, his best friend. They weren't retired yet. He has to get up every day to go to run their business and in his case, put on a suit and tie and face people. Maybe that's a good thing, to keep busy. To have to go out in the world.
Dick talked to him last night. Spent a good while on the phone, listening, trying to help.

Let me repeat this: Spend every day loving your family, telling them every chance you have how much they mean to you. Spend a minute with your partner and tell them you appreciate them for just who they are. I cannot think about a life without my Dick!

If there's something you always wanted to do, go do it. Everybody says this, but how many people are dead that didn't have time to live out even the smallest of dreams?

My friend's daughter is getting married in two weeks. Her mother tried to stay here long enough to see that. She just couldn't. Her life ran out before her living was done.
Please don't let that happen to you.

Dick and I are so lucky. We filled this big old cottage with laughter and love. Good turkey smells and giggles from the babies and adults alike. Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes, it cost a bit, but Thanksgivings don't come along every day and so we made the extra effort. It was worth it.

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