Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family Cottage

Do you continue to travel to the cottage every week? Do you still love it or do you dread the weekly trek? Is there a drive of many hours involved, hurling down a four lane, other holiday makers bumper to bumper, all driving at breakneck speed? Do you grip the dash of the family van with one hand, the other hugging the armrest, both feet firmly planted up against the firewall the whole way? Does your partner hunch over the wheel, a grimace of concentration adorning his face as he travels those roads one more time?

Does it take three days to pack enough stuff to survive in the woods each trip? Do they manufacture enough bug spray and sun block?

Do you long for different highways? Maybe just the view from your own living room for just one summer weekend?

Maybe the easiest way of solving the dilemma of who gets the cottage when we go is simply to get it gone while we can still enjoy the profits? Have you listened to your local realtor brag about prices lately? Pick up a magazine with lake properties advertised sometime. you might be shocked!

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