Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hobbies: Casino Mania!

Today, with the best interests of my readers at heart, I took myself off to our local casino on a trip of research and discovery.

No, not for my own pleasure and enjoyment, but simply to scope it all out and find the reason why so many seniors are always in there!

And if you believe that story, I've got a parcel of swampland in Florida I can sell you too!

Ok, so I do go to the casino once in a while, I admit. And I love it!

I do however, only go once in a while and have some little tips and observations to share.

First of all, our casino's here in Ontario are mostly located at our horse racing tracks.

We do have a few bigger, Las Vegas style ones within a couple of hours of my home, but I like the little ones the best.

They are a comfortable place for a person to go by yourself because they have security guards to help you and if you're uncomfortable walking back to your car, they'll go with you too! Video cameras are everywhere so nobody misbehaves for long and there is a sense of community sitting side by side with another stranger with a common activity.

My most frequented is in London, Ontario at the Western Fair Grounds. They have 750 slot machines only with denominations of 5 cents to five dollars. (No gaming tables.) It's a pleasant little place with a restaurant, lounge and free coffee and serve yourself soda kiosk. Waitresses circulate and the security guards all smile and say hi. (I think they are made to try to catch everyone's eye.)

The scene today. Of course it was freezing outside. Inside, they have a coat check and really huge, clean washrooms. All the staff is seriously nice and if you want, they are always glad to show you how to use any of the new machines and explain all the ins and outs.

tip 1- Only take the money you want to throw away and some sort of ID in with you. (You can't accept a big win if you don't have ID.) If you take any of your credit cards or bank cards, the urge to use them will be too strong. If you leave them in the car or at home, by the time you collect them to gamble MORE, your saner side will have surfaced to save you!

tip 2- Make sure you eat something! They pump those places full of good air and smells and anything else they can think of to keep you glued to the same machine for weeks! Eating does two things. One, makes you think better and two, gets you off your butt, away from the slot machine. If you can't afford the restaurant, then go over to the racetrack side and they'll have sandwiches and muffins over there.

tip 3- Get a membership card. They do give some freebees away and you might as well get them as well as anybody! Also for every penny that slides through the slot, you get a tiny little percentage back in points, which can be redeemed cash value or for free food in the restaurant.

tip 4- Give yourself a time limit. My limit is normally how long it takes me to get home before Dick does after his work!

tip 5- Remember, it's just for fun. Do not ever think you can pay the bills with your winnings. Look around you while you are there and see all the folks who are pounding machines and are desperate because they've gone over their limit!  Expect yourself to lose every single time and if you expect this, you won't ever be disappointed and the odd time you might win a nickle or two, you'' be on cloud nine!

So! To end my story. I donated $40.00 to the province today. (They say the money goes for healthcare.)


  1. Hmmm...Here in Washington State the Casinos are owned by the Indian Tribes and our brilliant governor signed a deal with the tribes that brings zero dollars back to the state coffers. Magically massive amount of dollars ended up in her campaign fund from the Indian Tribes – on the principle of “our governors a crook,” that alone I will keep me from ever setting a foot into a Casino here. Maybe I will come to Ontario someday and there lose my $$’s
    Thanks for letting me vent - I feel a little better now.

  2. I don't go to the casinos very often, but had fun when I was in Las Vegas in the fall. Actually won 50.00 dollars and was so excited I cashed out immediately to go and tell my friends.

  3. LOL!!!
    Well, my onmly casino experience, a few years ago, was when a friend found out I'd never been...he dragged me in there, and i decided i could afford to lose $10-he gave me ten of his to play with, so I went to the quarter slots and when I doubled our money-in about 2 minutes, I cashed in and made him leave..he was choked, but i figured it could only go downhill from there, leave while you are ahead, etc.
    Guess i'm not much of a gambler...

  4. I love casinos! I only get to one about once every 2 years, but I do think it's fun.

  5. I worked once a long time ago as a Keno runner in Lake Tahoe. I saw poor little old ladies come in and spend their entire social security hoping to get rich. I never pulled a handle the whole time I was there, but I understand the desire...

  6. Not my idea of fun...I have gone a few times and never have won!

  7. We live 45 minutes from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and there are lots of great casinos . . . but we never go! I'd rather spend my money on thrifting and hubs spends all his on motorcycle parts. That being said, when our niece came to visit we took her to the Hard Rock Casino, gave her $20, and she won $100! The buffet was super, we had a couple drinks, and went home happy. I do miss the sound of coins coming out of the slot machines, though--after Katrina the casinos switched over to the kind where when you win you just get a piece of paper and then cash it in somewhere else. It's so QUIET now!!

  8. I think we went to the slots at the track, twice, when we were living in Sarnia and once to the casino. It's not my scene, but your advice makes a lot of sense.

  9. Lucy, you asked if my feral ever got over being jumpy....I started taming them from the first time the mama brought them to the back porch to be fed...the little female was, and still is real jumpy but the two boys are the mellowist most loving kittens ever. AJ will let the puppies do anything to him, they play hard all the time...he has never hissed...he only purrs. He tries to play with the older cats but they aren't having any of it, so he goes and finds the pups! We have said he is the best kitty we have ever had.

  10. Are you still living off your winning???...LOL

    We haven't seen you posting for a bit.

  11. Lucy,
    I haven't been to a casino in years but I did love to play the slot machines when I did go. I always set a limit and when it was over it was over.

    I like to buy "stuff" with the money now!

    Have a great day.


  12. I love the Casinos in Las Vegas because the people sitting next to you are friendlier because they are usually from another state and think they'll never see you again (What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas). But maybe that's just because they serve me free (Ha!) drinks.


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