Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cottage Wise

You want to buy a cottage or retirement home?

You want a large family monster you can fill with comfortable sofas and grandchildren and that enormous vintage dining table you saw last week in the antique store...

...and your partner wants a tiny, one bedroom elf house that isn't big enough to swing a cat in!


I think it's time to sit down together and discuss the pros and cons and just what is it yer lookin' fer sweetheart? 

Let's talk about some of this stuff and I'm not going to do it all at once on ya either! 

Today's word is SIZE.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The word size may refer to how big something is. In particular:
First of all, you need to figure out what size of house you'll need when you move. No, not where you want to live, because different locals offer different sizes of houses. You can't find a one bedroom cottage at a prestigious address just as you can't likely find a castle in a small lake village.  So you'd better figure out what size of habitat you'll require of compromise on.

Do you want to fill it with furniture or have no furniture to buy?
Do you have forty two grandchildren that will all come over at the same time and you need bedrooms instead of sleeping bags on the floor?
Do you want to spend all your time cleaning or can you afford a cleaning staff? Can you find cleaning staff in the area you think you're going to move to?
Does what you have now suite your lifestyle?
Are you capable of looking after the size you're looking for?

Size. It's always meant more to men than women, but it's the first step to take when relocating and you need to figure it out before looking for a home.


  1. When we decided to leave Boulder in 2008 and move here (Washington state), my hubby came two months before my retirement date to find us a place to live. We pared WAY down before we moved, and knew a two-bedroom apartment would be our place. We found it and he moved in on March 1, 2008, and he came back and we hauled what we had left over up here on April 16, 2008. We're in the apartment and happy! We did pick up a little bit more furniture, but not much.

  2. yes.... so true.. although I love the first picture... would get lost in such a large house... but love the way it looks.....


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