Monday, January 4, 2010

Hobbies: Big Trucks!

Many men who earn their lonely living on the road will make their  truck a special one, hot rodding it or customizing it and Dick and I find them beautiful!

This is a local truck that only makes a couple trips a week. They also show it in custom truck shows that you can find a summer long. They meet at fairgrounds and racetracks and polish their rigs til the stainless and chrome shines! They have truck races each year in Sparta, Ontario and also run after dark. You should see how the lights all shine! It's like any carnival you ever saw!

This truck always holds this place of honor in the yard right where everyone can see it driving by.  This was taken on Sunday and it is normally parked just so!

It's a Peterbuilt.

This is nicknamed a Flat Top. Notice all the lights across the top of the cab?

We believe a young fellow drives her, hauling steel stateside.
The big box on the back is where you'll find a bunk.

The huge polished stainless canister on the side is one of the air filters.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can find awesome sights everywhere! All you have to do is look!


  1. I hate snow, but must admit it makes the truck look pretty. Can trucks be pretty?!? Aww well, it's nice just the same.

  2. Wow... I can only imagine trying to keep something that big on the road!

  3. Lucy, only YOU can come up with an ode to a truck! It made me laugh, and I see why they call it a winner. I'll look at trucks in a different way now...

  4. LOL I have to say... I love it!!!!!! Seriously, I would have a ball riding around in that! More lights - the better for SURE!!! And the snow? I'm living vicariously through your pictures. LOLOL

    Happy Tuesday!!!
    ;-) robelyn


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