Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your will: Dealing with your cottage or summer home?

So you have a cottage or summer home. Awesome! Warm evenings by a campfire. The birds in the morning and the grand kids snuggling in under those colorful quilts you so lovingly made. Maybe it's an RV you parked in a seasonal campground years ago, like my mother in law did? Maybe you were lucky enough to have inherited a vintage cottage that you yourself spent summers at when you were nothing but a sprout.

You are getting long in the tooth. The doctor has warned you the old blood pressure is over the top or you just feel time is marching on and in spite of all your best efforts, you are going to have another birthday and the number involved just blows what's left of your mind?

Oh my god! This is the place of your dreams. You have lived most of your life running to this safe haven, away from the ills of the world and the strife in our busy, 'at home' lives. In every corner is a memory of this child and that visitor. Where you and your spouse made love. Where you roasted the marshmallows and grilled the process cheese sandwiches. Sitting in that rickety wooden chair, reading a mooshie love story or titillating spy thriller on a rainy day.
This will be my subject for the next couple of days.

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