Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Getting Old

I have to ask myself this question tonight: Are we getting old like the black shoe dye? Have we lost our usefulness ie; we no longer have a use so we no longer have a place in this society? Have those close to us taken us off the shelf? Soon, will no one be able to find you here in the world anymore?

We have to live each day with purpose and strength. If you don't matter in someone's life every single day, then honey, you're not living at all!

Sometimes, it is difficult to have a mission every day if there's no 'boss' to direct us, so you have to keep in mind that now you're your own boss. Make a list of 'things' to do each day that will still keep your spot marked. Open a door. Give to the food bank. Call someone just to say hi. Hug someone.

Keep living. That's all. Just because you don't get up and go to work every morning doesn't mean you don't need purpose. Keep creating a purpose and you'll stay in stock and on the shelf and your life will remain full.

Yak soon.

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