Sunday, September 6, 2009

Do what you can every day.

        Whew! Did we have fun last night! Nothing like sitting outside on a summer night, the smell of unburnt fuel and exhaust and the scream of engines as the driver's throw their hand built cars around the racetrack !  If you've never been to the stock car races, you'll never be able to fully understand the passion, but if you have..... there's nothing better! We sat just on turn one, near the top of the grandstands where we could see the other side of the track. We had our little blue stadium seats and for padding, a black and white blanket we brought back from Mexico. We stopped on our way at a grocery store in Blenheim and we had a bag full of goodies and sandwiches. We cuddled and exchanged comments and 'Oh Looks' and I think the experts would call that quality time. We were both pooped when we got home, but happy.

The lession today is do everything you can every day.

People always save their entire lives for their retirement and then the day comes along and they go home and sit down and die. Period.

Someone once said to me: Picture when you're old, sitting on the front porch of the old folks home in your rocking chair. Back and forth... back and forth.... And the old gal beside you is somebody who had a man around like you did and both of those men worked their whole lives and then retired and came home, sat down in the living room and then a couple of months went by and they died.  And every day you and your old gal buddy sit on that porch... back and forth... back and forth... and the conversation goes; 'I wish I had...' and; 'I should have....'

Dick's dad was one of those men. Worked his whole life 'cause he had to. Never had a hobby or passion he let anybody know about and when he retired, he had nothing to do. Nothing to look forward to. Came home and sat down and didn't die quick, but got so sick he had to be put in long term care. A big time became being first in line for supper. 

My dad worked his whole life 'cause he had to. Worked and worked instead of doing the things he loved. He had an antique tractor and after he lovingly restored it, it sat in the barn because he was always working. He died when he was 64. 

So this left two women sitting by themselves having to figure out what the heck they were going to do with themselves.  My mom's dead now too and Dick's mom is still alive although her mind has mostly left her.

So! Do what you can every day. If you can't yet afford your hobby then read about it. Plan what hobbies you want to persue when you get the time finally. You maybe can't build a streetrod, but you can go to the local cruise night and look at them.  Maybe you won't win a blue ribbon at the fair, but you can quilt a patch this week and then another next week and so on.  Maybe you can't take a month and go the Florida like we are this winter, but you can go to a motel overnight and hang out at the pool. 

Find something, somewhere that you both enjoy doing. This is a big world. Don't tell me there's nothing out there that you both can't enjoy. Negotiate, compromise and get out and enjoy life.  Go somewhere and buy a coffee. Meet some new folks that enjoy the same thing that you do. Have a chuckle over a private joke. 

And do not ever be that person who says "I should have!" 

Bye for today and let me know what you think. 


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