Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two more excuses we forgot.

Two more excuses: 'We don't have children or anybody to give it to' and also 'we are afraid.'

If you don't have children, still, do you want the government to have it?
Isn't there a favorite charity that you could be a benefactor to? What about a public property in your area; a park or library or hospital that you could help support or improve for future generations? There must be something somewhere that has touched your heart, that you feel a connection to.

One of the reasons people who plan to have children say they have them is so that they make a mark on this world and have something of themselves survive on.

I know fear and trust me, I've lived with a ton of fear at times of my life. You are afraid that by acknowledging your own end, you will cause it? Are you an Ostrich, with your head in the sand? Are you still smoking because cancer is something that happens to someone else? Do you not get the brakes fixed on your car because you can 'drive beyond' bad brakes? All I can say to this is: How many times have you heard someone say: 'There's only two things in life that are certain; Death and taxes!'
... And if you've paid taxes all your life, then the other is......? (You fill in the blanks!)

Yak soon and have a great week!

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