Saturday, June 30, 2012

What To Do With Dick

Dick and I met on June 18th, 1996. Three weeks prior to our chance meeting, his dog Elijah died. Just a mongrel who walked up to Dick's house by the lake one morning. For days, they fed him, but left him outside. After awhile, they took him inside, figuring someone had dropped him off. He arrived in good condition and not in distress. Didn't appear like he was lost at all and walked up to Dick like he had simply come home to his master. He lived with Dick for 19 years! Nobody, not even me made it 19 years with that man! I wish I'd shaked that little guy's paw, but Dick was so full of stories and memories, that I still knew him and it is fact that Dick thought Elijah was a soul mate from another life. 

Sort of collie-ish with fur about four inches or so in length. I can only relay what Dick told me about this dog and what I could see in pictures because once again, I never laid eyes on him. The fur was black and brownish all in the same hair. You know blackish tips? Small, like a border collie, but clearly other stuff thrown into the gene pool. White ruff and coupla' paws. White tip on tail. Old soul who was his friend through two marriages and many houses. What that dog heard and saw? Several girlfriends, several nights full of anger and angst. I was always so grateful to this puppy to have been there for my guy through all his time of turmoil. Certainly when he'd needed a friend, Elijah had been there to listen and just sit with his master. 

Every boy needs a dog, right?

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