Sunday, June 24, 2012

What To Do With Dick

So stacked underneath that pristine, well turned wooden box is another. 

This dark stained one is rough and uneven though it's shellacked and lovingly marked with a brass plaque, it's obvious to all it's a crude sort of box that we'd put tools in out in the garage.

 And that's exactly what it once was. But now and for the last 16 years, it's held the ashes of Dick's beloved dog of 19 years; Elijah. Dick also added to this box Elijah's leash, food dish and a Kit Kat bar. (They would share one daily you see. Chocolate toxic to dogs be damned? No… A true case of ignorance is bliss!) This box had actually been a product of his grandfather's efforts and my Dick had lovingly placed his pet's ashes inside. 

That was my Dick for you…

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  1. Then you must place a KitKat in the box with Dick's ashes.

    Sounds like he was a loving soul.


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