Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What To Do With Dick

I have a smallish red cherry wood box on a shelf in my house.

Beautiful this box is and really quite heavy although I must say: "Dick you've lost some weight!" 

This tasteful, unassuming box contains the remains of my love and likely it's weight belies all the stuff I sentimentally had cremated with his body. Sent him wearing his brand new jeans we'd bought the Saturday before he died in Port Huron I did! Still had the tags from Walmart on them. He had this one favourite Tee shirt, black of course, with a 40's Caddy on it. Done like pin striping on a street rod and cost a small fortune ordered special from California. Socks. The nice thick wooley ones he liked to wear in his boots so his feet wouldn't hurt. His boots. The brand new ones we'd just bought in May with gift certificates his mom had given him her last Christmas. Oxblood with lots of stitching. A bit of a banty rooster was my Dick! The belt we'd just bought in Florida the March before he died. Black. Hand tooled with silver conchos on it. I also added to his cardboard casket a lock of my hair and some of his little cat girl Suzie's. I added a metal die cast model of a street rod he'd lusted after. I added a bracelet that I had worn 3 weekends before when we'd been at the Kitchener Blues Fest. I added the statue of the angel he sat on top of his mother's casket just 8 months before… There was stuff in that cardboard casket…. 

Making my throat hurt remembering….Stopping


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  1. Sounds like you took loving care of him, even at the end. Hugs. I'm so sorry for your pain.


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